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The F-15 carries dual quad mounted ALE-45 packs.  This set allows you to configure your 1/32 scale F-15 to have realistic war loadouts installed.   The Tamiya F-15 series  have the ALE-45 launchers nicely modled - however they are in the empty chaff only configuration.  This part will allow you to add realistic flare and chaff loadout configurations to your model.  This set comes with 2x quad mounting plates for F-15s, and 8* cover plates.  


This set is designed to be used with KSD 320002 1/32 AN/ALE-45 Chaff/Flare Dispensers.



KSD320004 1/32 AN/ALE-45 CMD - MOUNT FOR F-15

SKU: KSD320004

    Please send your order request to  I have limited stock on hand, and might have to print your part. This process can take a few days.    Once the part(s) are ready I will contact you for payment. 


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