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This set contains 2 exhaust plugs that are designed to fit the "Kittyhawk SU-34 kit in 1/48 scale. This item has not been tested on any other exhaust other than the resin one that comes with the Kittyhawk kit, so please be aware it might not fit other  kits exhausts.     Revolutionary 3d printing technology allows for the  highly detailed tension knobs  to be formed as part of the cover.  There is no need for complex assembly of tiny parts, just some minor clean up with a sanding stick, some paint and it's ready to go into your kit. Now includes stencil decals.  You've probably never seen anything like this before!   

KSD480009a 1/48 SU-34 exhaust plug for Kittyhawk Kit(twist knobs)

SKU: KSD480009a

    Please send your order request to  I have limited stock on hand, and might have to print your part. This process can take a few days.    Once the part(s) are ready I will contact you for payment. 


    I will combine shipping for all  orders at actual cost.


    USA Shipping
       Shipping for US orders is $5.     Free shipping for domestic orders over $100!


    Foreign/overseas  Shipping
    Shipping for all overseas/foreign orders is at cost and will require an intial order without shipping calculated.  I will calculate shipping for each order and issue a second invoice for shipping.    

    Sorry but the cost of shipping overseas has exceeded my ability to absorb the cost differences so it has to be this way

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